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Where it all started

What is Bondi Bodz?

Bondi Bodz – is an all natural, 100% vegan, cruelty free, sustainably sourced tanning range. Formulated with a clean blend of antioxidant-rich botanicals, hydrating natural oils, completely natural tanning actives and other skin loving ingredients. Not just a tan ~ A unique skin therapy experience. Every product is free of parabens, palm oils and contains natural DHA.’

Tanning begins with you. At Bondi Bodz, we believe self-tanning products should be as unique as the person using them because one shade does not suit all. With our range you may customise colour based on your skin type, tone and desired skin finish. From a golden sun kissed glow to a deep, rich warm dark tan – we have designed our products so you are in control to achieve the outcome you desire. Simply apply in accordance with the depth that meets your ultimate tailored result.

Who is Bondi Bodz?

Who We Are…

Local to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, I’ve always been a lover of the ocean. There is something about warm winter sun and fresh salt water on the skin that is cleansing to the soul. I have been fortunate enough to live close enough to Bondi most of my life to make this an early morning ritual all year around whenever the weather permits. In the summer of 20/21, I became a keen ocean swimmer and beginner surfer.

For over a decade, my husband and I have travelled to Indonesia on a bi annual basis. He is an avid surfer and will go to extreme lengths to chase a good wave. During these trips I have always envied how the Indonesians have such silky smooth almost ageless skin. I admit I love my dose of the tropics, yet am forever concerned by the harsh effects of the sun.

One hot summers day, whilst I was tagging along on a surfing expedition on my favourite Indonesian island of West Sumbawa, I got chatting to a local elder chopping coconuts on the beach. This was the moment I was truly captivated by ‘Melati’ (meaning Jasmine) who was 98 years young with refined rich golden skin. Melati told me the secret to beautiful skin was good genes combined coconut water and ‘a blend of fruits of the islands’, This stirred something deep within me.

For the remainder of my holiday I pondered over how I could bring such beautiful supple skin for tan lovers back to Bondi and beyond without the harmful effects of UV rays. This was the inspiration behind and inception of ‘Bondi Bodz’ and my secret to beautiful skin with a natural healthy glow.

I have since used my new found passion for swimming in the big blue to raise money for skin cancer research.

I keep my range to a minimum to ensure the highest quality natural ingredients and guaranteed to add a little bit of colour to your day.


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