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Get Your Glow On

Before Application

1. Exfoliate Moisturize

Make sure you pay attention to all those “problem” areas and places like your ankles, knees and elbows. Do this about 24 hours before you intend to apply your Bondi Bodz self-tanner. 

2. Wax or Shave at least 48 hours Before You Apply

You need to give your pores enough time to close up. If you don’t take this time to prepare properly, you can end up with dotting in pores and a less than perfect self-tan.

3. No Moisturizer, Makeup or Deodorant on the Day of Application

Make sure you have a shower and apply on clean, dry skin. 

After Application

1. Wear Loose Dark Clothing

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and shoes. Any kind of tight clothing or footwear can cause marks. For a perfect tan, you need to wear comfy, dark clothing. 

2. Moisturize Daily

Bondi Bodz’ “Skinsation” will continually top up your tan and keep it lasting longer. So make sure to moisturize daily, but even better is to take advantage of our  Skinsation Gradual Tanning Lotion to maintain that perfect, all-over tanned look.

3. After Day 5: Exfoliate with a Soft Body Polish Daily

Exfoliating will help your skin to absorb the moisturizer and keep your skin and tan looking gorgeous. When you exfoliate daily, your tan will fade naturally, and you can avoid the look of patchy skin that can occur when you fail to exfoliate.

Detailed Tanning Tips

Prepare your skin with our tanning tips to achieve the best result before applying your  Bondi Bodz Tanning product make sure to follow all of our self-tanning tips and tricks when applying Bondi Bodz self-tanning products to maintain an all over, perfect tan.

24 hours before you start to apply your Bondi Bodz self-tanning product, make sure to focus on knees, elbows and ankles and any other hard to reach or dry areas of your body. Don’t forget to shave or was a minimum of 48 hours before your application. You need to give your pores enough time to close up and avoid the dotting that can occur that can damage your self tan.

Don’t use bar soaps for at least 24 hours before application of the Bondi Bodz self-tan. Any oil-based products, high PH shower products or any in the shower moisturizers shouldn’t be used within this period. You don’t want to stop the fast-acting tanning agents to develop. These kinds of products can put a barrier over your skin and do just that. 

Immediately before applying your Bondi Bodz tanning product, make sure your skin is completely dry and clean. Dry skin stops the tanning product from sliding off your skin. Since self-tanners often adhere too much to ankles, elbows and knees, these areas can be lightly moisturized. Don’t moisturize any other areas. This avoids these areas taking on a darker hue than might be desired or compared to the rest of the body. Never apply moisturizer, perfume, deodorant or makeup on the day you plan to apply your self-tanning product. 

After Self Tan: Shower is the Most Important Step

Approximately an hour after you apply your self-tanner, take a quick, 45 second shower with luke warm water. This should be just to wash away the brown bronzers and leave the fast tan actives to continue to do their job and deepen your skin to a perfect self-tan.


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