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The Glowtrotters: 3 Simple Steps to Maintain a Travel Self-Tan

As the holidays approach, flights are booked, and travel itineraries are put together, we can’t help but count down to the day when we’ll have our much-needed rest and relaxation. Along with the holiday travel excitement comes the anxiety of actually preparing for it. There’s just so much to take note of: deciding on where […]

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5 Things You MUST Know About Self-Tanning

If you are a self-tanner newbie with one foot in the door, we prepared five facts may help you solidify your decision to come over to the sunless tanning side. We promise you’ll have an amazing time here. Let’s get started. 1. Self-tanners are A LOT safer than tanning under UV rays. By now, it […]

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Self-Tan Care 101: These Ingredients Will Boost Your Glow (Plus Which Ones to Avoid)

You finally decided it’s time to take your skincare routine seriously. You drive down to the mall, walk to the biggest skincare racks in the building, examine one moisturiser bottle after another, and realize you have no idea what you are doing. You ask for assistance, and it comes, but you eventually feel that they […]

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5 Moisturisers to Use With Our Afterglow Tanning Drops

So you’ve recently discovered there’s such a thing as gradual tanning drops, and now you absolutely have to integrate it into your skincare routine. The only problem is you’re unsure whether your current moisturiser won’t affect the Afterglow Tanning Drops formulation in any way. We’ll tackle that in a bit. But first, let’s define what […]

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Gradual Tanners vs Conventional Self-Tanning Lotions: Which One Should You Use?

Hear us out. We love our gradual tanners and we love our conventional self-tanning lotions. We have both of them in our self-tanning arsenals all year round (and we have them in different shades too). We’re not out to pit one over the other, but rather to clarify the purpose of each so that you […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Sunscreen with a Self-Tanner (And What to Do About It)

We love a good tan as the next pale beach-goer but we are also obsessed with taking care of our skin. If you’re anything like us, you prefer getting that sun-kissed look without the risks of UV ray exposure. Sun damage is often irreversible, has many health risks, and it ages you beyond your years. […]

Cruelty-free Beauty Products

Cruelty-Free Beauty (and Self-Tanners) Explained

Love everything beauty but have now become aware of how your favorite hair, skin, and cosmetic brands may be harming animals? If you find yourself overwhelmed with now knowing where to start, our guide to cruelty-free beauty will get your feet wet. By the time you finish going through this post, you’ll have an arsenal […]

BB Blog Can I Sleep With Self Tanner On

Can I Sleep with Self-Tanner On?

If you’re an advocate of letting your skincare work while you sleep (like we are), chances are you’ve asked this question: is it okay to sleep with a self-tanner on? Our answer to that is a big resounding YES. But there are some things you have to keep in mind before doing so. We’ll dive […]

BB Blog Dry Fake Tan Quicker

How to Dry Fake Tan Quickly

Are you the type who always decides you need a self-tanning session shortly before needing to leave the house? Perhaps you’ve already exfoliated, showered, and done everything you can to lay the foundations for the best fake tan, but remembered you had one last nemesis: drying time. You defeatedly put your bottle of tanning lotion […]

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10 Best All-Natural Self-Tanners For a Healthy Glow

Your self-tanning routine is about to get better. Let’s talk DHA. Practically every self-tanner has a colouring agent called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This ingredient reacts with the amino acids on the surface of your skin, staining them to create a temporary darkened skin tone. There are two types of DHA: natural and synthetic. While synthetic is […]

BB Blog Five Tips Keep Your Self Tan All Year Round

5 Tips to Keep Your Fake Tan Fresh All Year

We all have that one friend who always looks put together, who never has a bad hair day, and who looks like she’s in the Bahamas every weekend because her tan is just so incredible. Great news: if you’re not that friend, that can be you as well. Not only does a nice self-tan do […]


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