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3 Self-Tanning Tools for the Perfect Glow

There’s a reason why the phrase “tools of the trade” is widely used, and that’s because a quality set of tools that can either make or break your trade. Nothing truer can be said about self-tanning: a bottle of the highest quality self-tanner can only get you so far without the proper tools to back it up. Imagine having the most awesome self-tanner, made from quality ingredients, sustainably sourced, but having only your fingers to apply it with. Disaster.

Luckily for us, there are wonderful tools of the self-tanning trade available in the market today that will make it harder to spot a rookie from a seasoned pro. Here are our three golden tools for the perfect golden glow:

The Applicator Mitt

Common question we get: can I use my regular bath mitts to apply self-tanners? The answer is we’d rather not. While both products bear a striking resemblance to one another, both are designed to function in entirely different ways.

The regular bath mitt is made out of a material that keeps lathering and sloughing off dead skin in mind. It typically doesn’t have a layer to protect your hands from the product you are using – which means the product gets absorbed into your skin. Not a good idea if you are working with an active agent.

The applicator mitt is designed to apply products smoothly onto your skin. Most importantly, it protects your hands from the self-tanning product. Nothing says rookie like oompa-loompa hands, is what we always like to say.

To use, simply put a few pumps of your go-to self-tanner onto the applicator mitt. Use long sweeping motions to work the product into your skin. After using, soak the mitt in soapy water, rinse, and leave out to dry.

Shop the Tan On Applicator Mitt

The Back Applicator

For those gifted with flexibility, getting an even back tan comes pretty easily. Unfortunately, most of us mere mortals need a little help getting there – and that’s where the back applicator comes in. This is especially perfect for those without a partner or housemates.

Once you’ve picked out a back applicator of your choice, start applying the product to the middle of the back and work your way outwards. This allows your tan to connect seamlessly with the front of your torso.

If you’re not too eager to spend on a back applicator, you can check out our suggestions on using your applicator mitt to tan your back here.

The Kabuki Brush

We’ve tackled the tools with the broader sweep, now let’s get into the nitty gritty of things: reaching the little corners and crevices of the human body. A quick way to tell if someone is new to the tanning game is to check between their fingers and see pale skin.

We recommend getting a good kabuki brush to do two things: 1) to easily control how much product should be used and 2) to get into the hard-to-reach places. With the help of a kabuki brush, places like in between fingers, the tops of your feet, and even your ears will all be left out.

Happy tanning!

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