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7 Self-Tanner Genius Hacks for the Perfect Bondi Glow

We define a perfect tanning day by these three things: when our skin doesn’t end up hating the sun (and vice-versa), when the method used is eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free, and when our tan actually turns out even, glowing, and oh-so-naturally perfect. Of the three, it is often the last one that needs a bit more trial and error – basically, going through several awkward self-tans (think unevenly-colored spots and tanning product splatters) is an inevitable part of life.

Luckily, nothing lasts forever. We’re here to put an end to your self-tanning mishaps with these seven genius hacks to get the perfect Bondi glow.

1. Use an oil-free exfoliator to avoid having a splotchy tan or uneven fading. Oil can act as a barrier between your skin and the self-tanner, which may lead to streaks. Use an oil-free exfoliator to scrub yourself from head to toe, paying attention to all the nooks and crannies along the way. If you are shaving (make sure to do this 48 hours before application), use a new razor to help exfoliate your skin even more.

7 Self-Tanner Genius Hacks for the Perfect Bondi Glow

A little goes a long way: apply a small amount of moisturizer on dry patches for a more even color

2. Apply a bit of moisturizer on problematically dry areas before tanning. Dry skin tends to absorb more pigment than other parts of the body, which may cause uneven coloration. If you have large pores or dry patches of skin on your face, you may apply a tiny amount of moisturizer 20 minutes before applying a self-tanner. Remember not to overdo it as you risk uneven tanning on your face.

3. Protect the soles of your feet from tanner splatters. A quick way to tell the amateurs from the pros is to look at the soles of their feet: newbie tanners are likely to have orange spots on the bottom of their feet. To prevent this, stick gaffer or painter’s tape to the soles of your feet to avoid coloration in case you accidentally step on residue.

7 Self-Tanner Genius Hacks for the Perfect Bondi Glow

A steam-filled bathroom is the last place you would want to self-tan in

4. Avoid sweating by finding a cool, dry area to apply your self-tanner in. A steam-filled bathroom is one of the last places you would want to lather on self-tanner. After bathing and exfoliating, make sure to move to a cooler room where you have your tanning kit laid out. Sweat, humidity, and water can affect a self-tanner formula, so working in a cooler environment can help avoid turning yourself into a streaky mess.

5. Save your knees and elbows for last. Typically, the skin on your knees and elbows tend to absorb more product, which may cause unevenness. Skip over them as you apply the tanner on the rest of your body. Afterwards, go back and use the remnants on your tanning mitt and brush them over the skipped areas. Make sure to blend the tanner well with a brush for an even tan.

6. Create a “mitt stick” for hard-to-reach areas. Grab a back brush, a tanning mitt, and any hair tie. Slip the mitt over the brush head and secure at the neck with the tie. Use this “mitt stick” to apply tanner on hard to reach areas like your back, etc.

7 Self-Tanner Genius Hacks for the Perfect Bondi Glow

Avoid the tips and concentrate the tanner in the middle of the mitt for a more controlled application

7. Apply self-tanner on the middle of your mitt to avoid applying concentrated amounts on areas. Apply the tanning product at the center and fold your mitt in half to spread it out more evenly, versus concentrating them on the mitt tips. This will also make it easier to control the amount you want to apply according to the area you are working on (i.e. differing amounts for face and thighs).

We have a few more tanning tricks up our sleeve, but a master never shows all his cards upfront. For now, stick to these seven and you’re well on your way to safely getting that perfect Bondi glow all from the comfort of your own home.

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