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9 Rosehip Oil Benefits in Self-Tanners

One of the reasons why we love a quality self-tanner is all the good ingredients that come with it. Today we are focusing on rosehip oil and all the benefits it has for your skin. If your self-tanner has this oil that many celebs swear by in its ingredients list, then you are in good tanning hands. Get to know why so many people swear by this beauty holy grail.

What is rosehip oil?

The roses get all the attention, but not-so-hidden in those bushes are the fruits that make up the super ingredient in question. Rosehips are fruits from rose bushes that are made by pressing the seeds of these bushes. What made this a cult favorite among beauty enthusiasts is its potency as a skincare ingredient: it is chock full of essential fatty acids,Vitamins C, A, and a host of other antioxidants that nourish and protect your skin.

Okay, but what does it do for my skin exactly?

The skin can look uneven and dull due to scars and dark spots left behind by acne, sun exposure, wounds, and surgeries. A favorite natural remedy to calm hyperpigmentation is none other than rosehip oil.

Here’s a detailed list of the benefits of rosehip oil:

1. It reduces pigmentation.

Rosehip oil is known for its ability to even out the complexion. Ths skin increases in melanin production when it is exposed to the sun, when it undergoes skin trauma, or goes through hormonal changes. This can darken areas of the skin that may lead to blotchy, uneven appearance.

Rosehip oil can be useful in fading such dark spots due to its Vitamin A and C content. It is also helpful in reducing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation(PIH).

2. It moisturizes the skin.

Rosehip oil is packed with essential fatty acids that help to moisturize and create supple skin. It also helps prevent loss of moisture by creating a protective barrier over the skin. Compared to heavier oils, rosehip is considered a dry oil that absorbs easily into the skin too without leaving it feeling greasy.

3. It boosts collagen production.

Brimming with Vitamin C and A, rosehip oil is a favorite among anti-aging products. It is known to help collagen production – a process that normally breaks down as the skin ages. Rosehip seed oil is also known as a natural remedy for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

4. It protects your skin from sun damage.

Antioxidants and phytochemicals found in rosehip oil help in scavenging free radicals that are produced through exposure to the sun. Such molecules are unstable and can cause cell damage and premature aging. Rosehip oil helps prevent photodamage.

5. It balances oily skin.

Rosehip oil contains linoleic acids which makes the oil lightweight. This helps in controlling the sebum levels of the skin and in turn, reduces acne.

6. It reduces inflammation.

Vitamin E and antioxidants are naturally occurring ingredients in rosehip oil. These help reduce irritation and strengthen the skin barriers, which help soothe skin that is sun-damaged, irritated, or sensitive.

7. It improves skin texture.

Rosehip oil is also chock full of Vitamin A, which encourages rapid cell turnover. Vitamin C also helps improve collagen levels, which gives the skin its firm and youthful glow.

8. It improves wound healing.

Just as Vitamin C helps in keeping the skin taut and glowing, it also helps in rapid healing of wounds. It helps to reduce scarring and even out older blemishes while nourishing the skin with other nutrients.

9. It improves radiance.

The essential fatty acids and nutrients found in rosehip oil help to fade dark spots, which helps create a natural glow for the skin.

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