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How to Squeeze Self-Tanning into Your Everyday Routine Seamlessly

Not ready to commit to the big, scary (but not really) self-tanning sessions? Or do you find yourself just not having the time? Fret not. Here are our tried and tested ways to squeeze in a gorgeous glow into your daily routine.

Start with a clean and smooth canvas.

Just like other self-tanners, tanning drops work well on skin that has been prepped well. To get a solid start on a flawless golden glow, a clean, dry surface is a must. Prep your skin by getting rid of makeup, excess oil, and other impurities that might get in the way. Working with smooth skin will also absorb the tan more evenly. Make sure to exfoliate at least 6 hours before applying your self-tanner to create the best foundation (and to give your skin enough time to settle down).

The secret is in your skincare routine.

Here’s where the magic of a seamless, almost effortless self-tan comes in: your regular skincare routine. If going on a full-on self-tanning session is too much for you, just add a few drops into your everyday moisturiser and you’re on your way to getting your best glow ever. You can mix them in with your face oil, lotion, serum, or any other moisturiser that you are using. Just make sure not to apply it on its own to prevent streaks.

To mix, put your usual amount of moisturiser onto your palm and add a few drops. If you’re not sure how many drops to add, start with a minimal amount and adjust from there as you get familiar with the effects on your complexion. Mix the two products until the tanning drops have completely dissolved. Spread all over your face, neck, and chest (or body, if that is preferred). Afterwards, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid getting your palms all muddy.

If you accidentally mix too many drops in, discard the mixture and start all over. Better safe than leave your glow to chance.

Don’t have a skincare routine? Sorry to break it to you but you need to start one asap. You’ll thank us for this later.

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Your morning routine counts.

To get a fresh lunchtime glow, add tanning drops into your morning skincare routine. If you’re the type who doesn’t like wearing a lot of moisturiser under their makeup, you can mix the self-tanning drops into your foundation. Make sure to opt for foundation that’s not dewy to begin with to avoid looking oily throughout the day.

If you are layering products, leave a few minutes in between each layer for maximum absorption. This will help in avoiding any transfer. After a few minutes, you can apply your makeup as per usual.

A word of advice: be cautious with mixing the drops into your sunscreen. Make sure to do your research on the ingredients that go into both products to avoid invalidating the effects.

Night time routine is best for the busy bees.

Is your morning schedule usually a bit tight? Your tanning drops can go to work for you while you sleep. The key is in your night skincare. Add your desired number of drops to your night moisturiser and wake up to a beautiful, restful glow.

Picking out tanning drops with the best ingredients is crucial. Your skin does most of its repairs while you sleep, which means your skin will double up on benefits with tanning drops that have natural ingredients to supercharge your moisturiser.

Take note that self-tanners may not be completely transfer-proof. You might want to swap out your expensive white pillowcase for something else.

Mix self-tanning drops into your body lotion or better yet, get a gradual tanner especially made for the body.

While you can mix your tanning drops into your usual body lotion (and if mastered can bring out amazing results), there is still the risk of uneven tanning due to inconsistent ratio of drops and moisturiser. Our best advise is to find a gradual tanner that is made for the body. This pre-mixed product will ensure a consistent amount of drops and moisturiser with every pump. It’s also more efficient because you can cut down on mixing time plus make less of a mess in the bathroom.

If you absolutely must use your go-to body lotion, you can mix the drops directly into the bottle to ensure a more even tan.

Our recommendation: The Bondi Bodz Skinsation Gradual Tanning Lotion

Maintain, maintain, maintain.

Once you’ve found the golden ratio to get the best bronze glow for you, you can switch to maintenance mode. This means reducing the amount of drops you use in your moisturiser to maintain your glow without deepening your colour.

If you’re just starting out, and are more on the conservative side, start by adding 2-3 drops into your moisturiser. Do this consistently for 2-3 days in a row. Adjust according to your preference from there. If you’re feeling a bit more confident, you can go ahead and add 5 drops straight away.

Once your skin is at your desired colour, reduce the drops in your daily routine. This also helps to make sure your face doesn’t get significantly darker than your body.

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