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Need a Tan Retouch? Tanning Drops are Your New BFF

Struggling to keep your face in the same shade as the rest of your faux glow? We know exactly what you mean. We’ll let you in on our little bronzing secret: you can totally tame your tan back to perfection with our little miracle must-have in a bottle: the Afterglow Tanning Drops. Let us build our case for our self-tanning BFF.

Your skin will be supple and oh-so-hydrated

This decadent blend is created with a mixture of oils, fruits, and vitamins to enhance all skin types, which dries quickly and leaves skin incredibly supple, soft, and golden. We love mixing it in with our favourite moisturisers for the face and décolletage to give our skin an additional layer of hydration.

It’s buildable – aka you can gradually create a custom glow

Mixed with your favourite hydrating products, the Afterglow Tanning Drops produces the most beautiful translucent glow. Put five drops in if you fancy a deeper hue, or you can totally glow with the flow and take it two to three drops at a time to create a subtle but buildable tan.

Get a sun-kissed recharge anytime

Because of frequent washing and exfoliating (especially if you’re using products like AHAs), face tans tend to fade much quicker than the rest of your body. While our tanning mousse is always an option, we love the convenience of being able to drop it into our moisturiser and having full control over the hue layering.

It makes for the baddest skincare tan-dem

If you’re already getting all the good stuff from your skincare routine, our tanning drops will help give your skincare a boost. Fortified with cucumber, cranberry, tomato, and beet extracts, as well as other good stuff like rose hip oil, sunflower oil, cocoa seed butter, your skin (and skincare products!) will love you for supercharging your routine. Not only will it receive amazing hydration, but it will get some detox loving with every application.

Tanning drops are absolutely idiot-proof

 If you’re a tanning rookie, these drops are your gateway to making bolder (and bronzer) tanning decisions. You can hardly go wrong with self-tanning with easy layering that you can build upon as you go. What we love the most is how we can get to nooks and crannies easier to get that even, streak-free glow.

If you still can’t tame your nerves, start with one drop and go from there to get yourself acquainted with your perfect glow number. Take note of your application days to get a good grasp of the perfect application frequency for the hue that suits you perfectly. Bonus tip: mix the drops into your night cream to let it work while you take your beauty sleep.

No messy and streaky hands

Your moisturiser acts as a cushion for letting your glow develop gradually, which makes hand stains from tanning products virtually impossible. Apply your moisturiser-tanning drops to your face and body as per usual, and wash off excess product on your hands. Clean, efficient, and no need to bring out the fancy tools.

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