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Our Self-Tanning Routine For the Rainy Season

The rainy season is upon us, which means we’ll be seeing gloomy skies for a while. Mr. Sun will be sitting most of this season out so a beach tan is out of the question. Enter self-tanners. Not only are they a lot friendlier on your skin, but they can also give you the bronzed look you love throughout this damp and gloomy season.

That said, do you just slap the self-tanner on and get that happy bronzed ending? Not so fast. All great things entail a bit of work.

Here are our top tips for getting a great self-tan throughout the rainy season:

1. Invest in moisturizing self-tanners

Just because the weather is damp doesn’t mean you should neglect hydration. Make it a point to always integrate nurturing your skin by picking out a self-tanner that does not dry out your skin. Remember that you’re not just doing this for a better self-tan, but you’re also investing in a better skin canvas for all your future self-tanning sessions.

Our recommendation: Bondi Bodz Tanning Mousses

2. Be patient – go one layer at a time

It’s honestly feels a little out of place to see a super bronzed person in the middle of the rainy season. Our advice is to take it slow and work on one layer at a time until you find a hue that feels right for the weather – something not too deep but still looks like you put in the work. Gradual tanners work best for this because they give you a subtle self-tan than you can adjust as you see fit. Apply one layer at a time and take note of which one gave you the perfect rainy day hue.

3. Get powdered

Remember that you’ll be bundled up or worse, getting rained on. Make sure you apply powder to exposed areas as well as areas that may experience sweat. Failing to keep these areas dry will lead to faster fading, which overall may make your tan look uneven. You want your tan to look natural even after taking your rain jacket off.

4. A little gradual tanner goes a long way

If you’re experiencing some skin troubles due to the changing weather, a self-tan is a great way to disguise this (just make sure you pick one that is gentle on the skin and chock full of nutrients). To keep your tan going as the weather takes its unstable course, grab a gradual tanner and apply regularly. This will give you healthy looking skin while allowing you to build good self-care habits.

Our recommendation: Bondi Bodz Skinsation and Afterglow Drops

5. Keep your lemons close

Got a little too busy for your self-tanning upkeep and found some horrid patches here and there? You can always have a do-over by stocking up on some lemons. These Vitamin C-rich fruits are known to remove most self-tanners with some gentle rubbing using a soft cloth. Don’t rub too hard as it may make the patch look worse. Gently rub the area to even out the patch and reapply self-tanner as necessary.

Caution: use only on your body as the juice may be too harsh for your face.

6. Do your proper preparations first

We won’t ever tire in saying this: always do your pre-work before applying a self-tanner. Do your waxing, manicure, pedicure, shaving, and shower before self-tanning. Allow for ample time for your skin to settle, unless you want patches of untanned skin. Exfoliate properly to get rid of dry skin, allowing the self-tanner to cling to fresh skin that won’t slough off right away. Don’t forget to focus on areas that tend to dry out more like your elbows and knees.

Follow these steps and you’ll be all set for a great rainy day tan!

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