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Self-Tan Those Tricky Bits With These Hacks (Part 2)

(Continued from part one)


One of the most common ways to spot a rookie self-tanner is to look at their hands. If you see splotches of product (especially muddy palms!), it’s a dead giveaway that their glow is faux. Fortunately, this isn’t too complicated to solve – all it takes are the right tools and techniques.

Instead of doing damage control after a self-tanning sesh, we recommend investing in an applicator mitt. An applicator mitt is different from your usual bathroom ones because they stop the product from getting absorbed to your skin. They are also designed to create a smooth application of self-tanning products.

Use the applicator mitt while tanning the body and take off when you are doing your hands and fingers. Take a kabuki brush, form a claw with your hands, and apply the self-tanner in a circular motion, blending well. Make sure you get in between your fingers thoroughly. Use only a small amount of tanning foam to avoid a splotchy tan.

Take note of the areas that typically absorb more product such as your knuckles, between the fingers, and around the fingernails. Apply a bit of moisturiser before tanning to prevent too much product from being absorbed. You may also use a baby wipe if you feel you may have applied a tad too much.


Unfortunately for our single ladies, self-tanning can be a bit tricky unless you have a housemate to help un-pasty your back. Fortunately, it’s a hack day today and trust us when we tell you that it can be done.

Find anything with a long handle around your home – it can be a ruler, a wooden spoon, a body brush, etc. Just pop your applicator mitt over the top, use an elastic band to secure it into place, and voila – you now have a state-of-the-art back tanner.

Knees and Elbows

If you’re new to self-tanning, heed our warning: your knees will give you away. The often dry and knobbly skin on the knees is often a pain point for self-tanners as it absorbs way more product than it should. Exfoliate your knees (and elbows!) well and lightly sweep with your self-tanner using an applicator mitt. Apply the product with your limbs bent so that you get into all the wrinkly and crinkly bits.


When you’re trying to rock your faux glow in a pretty summer dress, pasty armpits can quickly ruin a moment. Don’t forget to include flawless underarms in your list of areas to tan. Do your underarm hair removal 12-24 hours before busting out the self-tanner, skip out on the moisturiser and deodorant, and use the leftover product on your applicator mitt to give those pits a quick swipe.


If you’re the type who loves wearing open shoes, you’ll thank us for this hack (otherwise, those patchy feet will have to stay in trainers). Unlike the underarms, we advocate moisturising the feet before a tanning sesh because they are notoriously thirsty.

Refrain from applying newly squeezed out product directly to your feet – instead, blend down from your legs using your mitt. Blend most of the product to the tops of your feet, going easy on the back of the heel and your toes. Take out your brush to get in between those toes, making sure to buff them evenly (remember not to use too much product!).

For excess product, use a baby wipe or micellar water to clear up the areas around the toenails and along dry areas.

Glow on, girl!

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