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Should People With Darker Complexions Use Self-Tanners?

When it comes to self-tanning, the common misconception is that it’s something that only people of lighter skin colors do. There’s a stigma that “sun-kissed” is only applicable for those who actually went several hues deeper in skin tone from their original one—and we completely understand why that would be the assumption. But are self-tanners really just for pale skin tones that are in need of some bronzing? Our quick answer to that would be no. While we love waking up to a toastier complexion after a night of self-tanning, we need to give this miracle-in-a-bottle more credit than it is usually given. If you’re someone who was blessed with a gorgeous, deep complexion, purchasing a bottle of self-tanner may not be something that is high on your beauty priority list. But today, we ask you to keep reading, and you might just change your mind about how self-tanners can work for you. Think of it as a secret weapon for a more beautiful and even complexion sans makeup.

My skin tone is closer to deep brown. Why would I need to use a self-tanner?

In the age of filters and beauty editing apps, wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a real-life blur effect? That’s exactly what a self-tanner can do for darker skin tones. One of the reasons why self-tanners have gained immense popularity with beauty junkies everywhere is because it does an amazing job in concealing imperfections. Think of it as a blur effect even before your photos hit those editing apps.

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Using a self-tanner on uneven skin tones, stretch marks, and other skin discoloration issues will smoothens out your skin tone. It’s pretty easy, too. Just leave your self-tanner on through the night and wake up to a more even complexion. This is applicable for people with lighter skin tones, too!

Make sure to do your research in picking out a quality self-tanner. Check the ingredients list thoroughly before buying to make sure it doesn’t contain anything that may be harmful for your skin. Self-tanners that use natural ingredients will also give your skin that extra nutrient boost.

Our recommendation: The Bondi Bodz Tanning Mousses

Check for reviews especially when it comes to the quality of DHA that a self-tanner has. You don’t want to be walking around with an orange cast on your skin.

For a date night, prep your skin with a good self-tanner session and watch your makeup cling on like magic. Just snatch that LBD and heels from your closet, give your hair a little tousle, and you’re out the door looking absolutely flawless.

Okay, I tried it and I’m obsessed. What do I do next?

If you love your new look and you want to maintain your extra glow, don’t forget to exfoliate gently and consistently everyday so your glow fades out evenly. Avoid coming into contact with strong chemicals like chlorine, etc. Don’t forget to keep moisturizing your skin to keep your dead skin cells from falling off unevenly, which may give you an uneven tan.

For a full lowdown on keeping your glow going strong, click here.

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