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The Best Skincare Products to Use With Your Self-Tanner

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If you’re a skincare junkie like us, you like to pile on your holy grail products and assume you’ll emerge as a glowing goddess for days on end. It’s a given that two good things will most likely result in another good thing. It makes sense, right? Not necessarily.

When it comes to self-tanning, some products work wonders in complementing your tan while some actually work double time at sloughing off dead skin. While this may be good for your complexion, your self-tan may not make it past day two.

Here’s our glow down of the best self-tanner pairings to keep you bronzed longer.

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3 Ingredients to Use With Your Self-Tanner
Keeping a self-tan in tip-top shape until the last bit of glow can be a bit of work, but it’s totally worth it. Self-tanners made from healthy ingredients is just the first step – you need the help of skincare friends to maintain a great glow. We’re sharing three of our self-tanning besties and why we believe in these golden combinations.

1. Hyaluronic Acid
There are self-tanners that can be pretty drying on the skin, so you may want to double up on your moisturising layer. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that helps retain moisture in your skin, holding up to a thousand times its water weight. This skin cult fave is miraculous in its own right by actively locking in moisture for that healthy, plump complexion.

Keeping your skin hydrated is key to an evenly faded tan. Using a hyaluronic serum with your self-tanning skin routine with help do this and keep you glowing for longer.

2. Vitamin C
Thanks to modern technology, the known benefits of Vitamin C has extended well beyond the common cold to being a household skincare regimen. Vitamin C has been found to boost collagen which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to its numerous anti-ageing benefits. This pairing is a match made in skin heaven.

Even with a killer self-tanner on, the sun doesn’t stop from harming the layers of your skin. This may lead to premature skin ageing, which is why it’s important to make use of this super antioxidant. (Bonus: you probably already have it in your home).

Vitamin C is also known for brightening up the skin. This will help keep your self-tan from looking dull.

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3. Sunscreen
A pretty obvious pairing, but one that needs to be reiterated. You have managed to evade the sun by choosing a safe self-tanner over hours of risky sun exposure. The next step should be to boost your sun protection with a quality sunscreen of SPF 30 and up. Choose a sunscreen that complements yor skin type. Reapply every few hours if you can.

If you’re not sure where to start with sunscreens, look up some reviews for your specific skin type and go on a trial-and-error spree. Find one that feels most comfortable for you and doesn’t dry out your skin. Make sure that the sunscreen doesn’t include any ingredients that are known to be harmful to the skin.

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