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6 Self-Tan Tips for an Active Lifestyle

While tanning is usually associated with water and activities under the sun, it’s a little ironic that self-tanners detest the very things that make tanning an experience (albeit harmful on the skin). If you’re the active type, we feel you. Here are our six tips for taking care of your self-tan while living an active life:

1. Choose a buildable, transfer-proof self-tan 

Especially for those who sweat a lot, a gradual tanner is your best friend. Start off with a light application and fill in patches should they occur. Picking out a transfer-proof one will also ensure your favourite workout wear will live past its prime (and you won’t have embarrassing streaks running down your chest while in the gym). Choose a sweat-resistant one with moisturising properties to keep your tan intact longer. 

We recommend Skinsation Gradual Tanning Lotion for the most natural-looking gradual tan that doesn’t rub off

2. Be choosy about your workout wear

While we’re all for cute, Instagrammable gym wear, we recommend investing in the high-quality ones with breathable fabric. Look for seamless leggings made out of thin materials that feel like second skin. You may also opt for loose leggings to allow more air to flow to your skin.We recommend fabrics that are designed to keep you dry such as those with dri-fit technology.

3. Wait until your self-tan has developed before working out

While the biggest culprit for a faded tan is actually friction, we wouldn’t easily let sweat off the hook. Sweat can make your skin extra sticky, which risks creating uneven, streaky tan. Wait until your tan has developed before letting your sweat glands run its course. 

 4. Apply talc or baby powder to your sweat zones

Before putting on your workout wear, grab a bronzer brush and some talk or baby powder and brush away at areas that sweat the most (we’re looking at you, chest and underarms). Pay attention as well to the inner arms and backs of knees. Think of all the spots where your skin typically rubs together and apply powder there. This will help prevent friction between your skin and your workout clothes.

5. End a workout with a cool shower, a gentle towel down, and your fave moisturiser

Showering in cool water will help lock cool your body down and lock in the moisture. Go easy on towelling yourself (patting yourself dry is key) and moisturise generously all over your body. If you’re using a hairdryer, opt for the cool setting to avoid excess sweating. 

Self-tan on the face tends to fade faster to due constant touching and rubbing. Touch up with the Afterglow Tanning Drops by mixing some in your moisturiser.

6. Skip the water activities… if you can

If swimming is your go-to for a workout, we recommend switching it with another activity until your tan has fully developed. When it comes to maintaining your faux glow, Chlorine is one of DHAs nemeses. 

If you absolutely can’t give it up, slather on a thick layer of sunblock to help preserve your color. 

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