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How to Use Tanning Drops for an Everyday Glow

Familiar with our self-tanning mousse but have no clue what to do with our tanning drops? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. If you’re one of those people who can never carve out time for self-tanning, we’ll teach you our hacks to weaving a beautiful glow into your daily skincare and makeup routine.

1. Start with a blank canvas: clean, product-free skin

Give your Afterglow Tanning Drops a clean surface to work on to ensure maximum benefits. Sticking to the basics is of utmost importance – and by that, we mean give your face or body a good ol’ cleansing to remove impurities, makeup, and excess oil. Slough off dead skin by exfoliating at least six hours before application.

For a fool-proof glow, exfoliate the night before. Incorporate the drops into your skincare routine the following morning for a beautiful and natural golden glow.

2. Use the tanning drops with your favourite skincare products

Never underestimate the power of our Afterglow Tanning Drops – a few drops is more than enough to create a faux sun-powered glow. We advise using them with your favourite skincare product to get streak-free, natural, and even results.

Good news: applying it need not be fussy. Simply squeeze your usual amount of moisturiser onto your palm and mix in your desired amount of Afterglow Tanning Drops. Using a clean finger, mix the drops and moisturiser together until they are well blended. Apply the mixture to desired areas and wash hands thoroughly. Remember: one of the signs of an amateur self-tan are dark splotches on the palms.

Just in case you put in too many drops, discard the mixture and repeat. We’d rather chalk it up to experience than walk around with an uneven tan.

3. Mix a few drops into your foundation for that extra glow

If your daily routine consists of wearing makeup, go ahead and mix a few drops of tanning oil into your foundation. If you are layering skincare products, make sure you allow each application to settle into your skin before moving on to the next.

A word of caution: familiarise yourself with the initial shade from your first layer before applying your foundation concoction. Be careful not to overdo it!

4. Busy mornings? Give your night cream a boost instead

If your mornings seldom have “me time” penciled into it (we’re talking to you, moms), getting a tan while you sleep might be the next best thing. Not only will you get an overnight glow, but your skin will look and feel refreshed in the morning. Simply mix a few drops with your night cream and slumber your way to a golden glow.

Please note that the drops may not be 100% transfer-proof, so you might want to whip out a towel or an old pillowcase for this.

5. Go slow and then go slower to maintain your preferred hue

When you’re starting out, you would do well to err on the side of caution and start out with the minimum amount of tan drops. Skin types vary from one person to another so it is crucial that you familiarise yourself with the colour build up on your own skin. A good start is at 2-3 drops for 2-3 days in a row. You may gradually increase as you see fit by adding 3-4 drops to your self tan foam or lotion to boost depth of colour or add 6-8 drops to achieve an even darker finish. 

Once you’ve reached the hue of your dreams, you can gradually reduce the drops mixed into your moisturiser or foundation. This keeps your glow at a consistent hue, avoiding uneven colouring in certain areas on your face and body.

Pro tip: Afterglow is best mixed with Skinsation for the ultimate rich golden finish.

6. Exfoliate like you’ve always exfoliated

Self-tanners are notorious for fading face first due to one’s daily facial skincare routine. The drops, however, are designed to be the exception to the rule. In fact, we encourage exfoliating regularly as it helps your glow to stay on longer.

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