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A Bride’s Guide to Self Tanning (Part 2)

(Continued from part one.)

“Should I tan my face?”

That’s a resounding yes for us – you don’t want to be like a headless bride with your face as white as your dress. However, we ask you to proceed with caution as the face comes with its own set of challenges when it comes to self-tanning. We recommend using the Afterglow Tanning Drops to control the hue and evenness of your face tan gradually, building up from one layer to the next. It uses only high quality ingredients to make sure you’re not putting junk on your face before your special day.

After applying the drops, avoid putting on makeup or any other product on your face for at least eight hours to allow the tan to fully develop. If you can’t be without your makeup, apply the drops right before bed so you can wake up to a fresh glow.

If you’re not feeling risky, you can always ask your makeup artist to match your face color to your body. But of course, a natural glow is always better than opting for a darker foundation.

“I’m done with my self-tanning session. Now what?”

Since self-tanners take at least 24 hours to fully develop, avoid any physical activities that might make you sweat and alter the self-tanner formula. Avoid going to the gym or even worse, jumping into the pool (chlorine breaks down the active ingredients in the self-tanner). For the brides who love to cook, the kitchen sink is off limits as well.

Try not to wear clothes that are too tight to avoid friction on the skin. Opt for clothing that are on the loose side to allow your tan to develop with little disturbance.

Lastly, keep your skin hydrated through diligent moisturising and by drinking plenty of water. Pick out a moisturiser that puts premium on maintaining a balanced PH level. This will help prolong your tan even after the wedding.

“It’s now my wedding day. Is there anything I need to do?”

Keep your skin hydrated by applying moisturiser and drinking plenty of water. You may apply a bit of shimmer to your skin to up your luminosity game and show off your tan. Just pick out a product that isn’t too shimmery to keep your look natural.

“Will the self-tanner stain my dress?”

If you had your tanning session a few days before your wedding, then your wedding dress should be safe from any stains all throughout the day. Hopefully by then, you already showered at least twice to remove any product remaining on your skin. Should there be a stain, the product should come out easily at the dry cleaners.

“Will my tan last until my honeymoon?”

It should easily stay on for at least a week. To help prolong your tan, make sure you exfoliate regularly to maintain an even fade. Moisturise regularly to keep your skin from drying out.

For best results, pack our gradual tanners and take them with you so you can still enjoy a tanning session while on your honeymoon.

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