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5 Benefits of Vitamin E in a Self-Tanner

From snail essence to charcoal to hyaluronic acid, the beauty industry has been coming out with skincare trends and proclaiming them as holy grails – that is, until the next trend comes along. Few have stood the test of time, and we’ll talk about one ingredient that has been tried and tested through generations of skin regimens: vitamin E. What’s so special about vitamin E, you ask? Let’s break it down.

What exactly is vitamin E and what does it do for my skin?

Known as a staple to skincare regimens, vitamin E is a naturally occurring antioxidant that possesses anti-inflammatory properties. This basically means that it has soothing capabilities for inflamed skin, and also helps to protect, strengthen, and moisturize it.


If that caught your attention, we’ll delve deeper into 5 key benefits that it can bring to your skin:

1. It strengthens your skin barrier. 

Known as a fat-soluble ingredient, vitamin E is able to go through the initial barrier of your skin, penetrating deep into the epidermis, and ultimately preserves the lipids or fats found in your skin. This helps your skin barrier to look healthy, while soothing it as well. 

2. It supports moisture retention in the skin. 

By supporting your skin barrier, this automatically allows your skin to retain more moisture, making it look more moisturized and plump. This is especially great if you’re the type who forgets to drink water in the middle of the day.

3. It acts as protection from free radical damage.

Vitamin E is full of antioxidants, which adds an extra barrier of protection to the skin by helping neutralize free radicals that are unstable. This, in turn, prevents skin damage.  

4. It gives you a more even skin tone. 

Who wouldn’t love an ingredient that does repairs for the skin? Vitamin E helps in lightening dark spots and watches over any hyperpigmentation that may occur. As you all know, an even skin tone means a better looking tan.

5. It hydrates and helps restore dry skin.

Vitamin E is known to promote skin cell renewal, which means it helps your skin double up on replacing dead cells. This ultimately means that you always have a fresh layer of healthy skin to give you that glow.

Okay, those are nice to know. But what does it have anything to do with me and self-tanners?

As makeup artists say, the secret to great makeup is in the canvas – aka your skin. Covering up flaws ultimately won’t beat starting out with healthy, hydrated, glowing skin. The same can be said for self-tanners – the healthier and more even toned your skin is, the better the results. When you start out with a skin that is moisturized, it will hold self-tanners better and is less likely to result in a patchy tan. Dry skin tends to absorb more product (and we know that the skin doesn’t dry out in places evenly too), which makes it one of the biggest culprits for uneven skin.

Always choose self-tanners that have vitamin E because they will help keep your skin moisturized and your glow last longer. Bondi Bodz prides itself in using only the finest ingredients to give you not just the tan of your dreams, but it leaves you with healthy skin as well.

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