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Get the Perfect Makeup-Ready Party Tan for New Year’s

With 2023 just days away, the revenge New Year parties after the pandemic probably have your week all tied up with festivities. We all have those sparkly dresses and backless tops all picked out for the next few days, but late nights in full makeup may wear your skin (and style) down fast. Good news is that we have the know-how to bring out your best New Year’s makeup looks with the best self-tanning tips. We promise you’ll come out of the week with a beautiful tan and skin that looks even better than it did before – just in time for the turn of the year.

2023 resolution: A natural-looking face tan
For a glow that won’t look frightening under New Year’s party lights, we recommend gradual tanners. Go a new route for 2023 if you’re the type to go a little excessive on bronzing the face. A gradual tanner will allow you to build layers of face tan so it gives you a more natural glow as you go shades deeper. Also, depending on the quality of the gradual tanner you pick, a bottle that is made from only the best natural ingredients will leave your skin in even better condition than before. Think skincare and bronzer in one – sounds like the perfect way to keep your skin looking beautiful, healthy, and ready for a week’s worth of parties.

Gradual tanners are after work party-ready
You totally forgot to schedule a self-tanning sesh so you opt to apply a gradual tanner in the morning. Problem is, you need to go to work. Can you put makeup on top of your tanner as it develops? Absolutely. Just add a few drops of the gradual tanner to your usual moisturiser and apply as per usual. Allow a few minutes for the skin to absorb the product and dry before applying makeup. You’ll have that glow just in time for the night’s festivities.

Pro tip: gradual tanners work great on the body too. Use and apply as you would on the face.

We recommend: Afterglow Tanning Drops and Skinsation Tanning Lotion

Afterparty skincare
You come home after a night of awesome partying and you’re about to remove your makeup before bed. Would this interfere with the glow process? As long as you’ve had at least two hours to let the gradual tanner work its magic, it won’t be a waste to go through your thorough cleansing as always. Just add a few drops of your gradual tanner into your night moisturiser and allow the magic to continue into the morning. Best part is that you let your skin have a much needed break between nights of party makeup without disrupting the glow process.

Something to note: avoid scrubbing or applying chemical exfoliants (BHA, AHAs) to keep your tan lasting through the week.

Working around your hairline and brows
If your brows and hairline are of a fair shade, it might be good to work around them carefully to avoid any weird discolouration. Put a small amount of petroleum jelly over your brows and wear a hairband or wrap at the hairline to avoid having your hair turn into a weird orange hue.

Just follow these simple tanning steps and you’ll have the best foundation for the perfect New Year’s party makeup.

Happy 2023!

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