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10 Best Vegan and Organic Self-Tanners in 2023 + Our Luxe Picks

With the year coming to a close, we decided it’s time to bring out our updated list of best self-tanners out in the market. We’re not just talking effectiveness, but ones that also come with all sorts of environmental and health considerations.

Here are our top picks for vegan, natural, and organic sunless tanners for 2023:

1. Bondi Bodz Tanning Mousses

Screenshot 2023 03 17 151610

Not to toot our own horn, but we are genuinely huge fans of our own tanning mousses. They are lightweight and dissolve easily into the skin, which minimizes the risk for streaks and patches. Bondi Bodz also uses only the best natural and vegan ingredients, which leaves your skin even more supple and healthier than when you started.

A plus in our book: they are boo-boo friendly. If you’re the type to accidentally sprinkle a few drops onto your clothes, you’ll be happy to know that the Bondi Bodz mousses wash right out. (Just don’t leave it on to dry on your clothes for too long.)

Price: $34.95

2. Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bronzing Face Drops

Screenshot 2023 03 17 151657

Here’s another good one for beginners. The Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bronzing Face Drops is coconut water-based and is pretty easy to use. The result is virtually streak-free with every application even without prior self-tanning experience. Just add a few mango-scented drops to your moisturiser and apply as usual. Don’t forget your neck and hairline.

Price: $28

3. Luna Bronze Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

Screenshot 2023 03 17 151719

A third recommendation for tanning noobs is this classic gradual tanning moisturiser by Luna Bronze. This tube of goodness is packed full of natural ingredients, to get a healthy, flawless, even tan. This self-tanner works well for fair and medium skin tones, or for those who are looking for a subtle sun-kissed glow.

Price: $33

4. Isle Of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

Screenshot 2023 03 17 151739

One of the reasons we love this tanner is because of its customizability. It has three shades that will make it easy to go from a subtler glow to a deeper one. If you’re new to drops, one thing you should know is that they are typically friendly for all skin types. If you have dry or sensitive skin, it’s not that hard to find one that works for you. Just add a few drops to your favorite moisturiser and you’re good to go.

Price: $28

5. Suntegrity Moisturizing Self Tanner

Screenshot 2023 03 17 151755

First think you will notice about this self-tanner is that it smells absolutely delicious. Suntegrity infuses organic oils with botanical extracts to get that heavenly scent you won’t be able to get enough of. It also is packed with Vitamin E and other anti-ageing antioxidants for a youthful glow that keeps getting better and better.

It’s also a gradual tanner, which basically means you won’t get shocked by a sudden orange tinge on your face.

Price: $36

6. Beauty By Earth Self Tanner Tanning Lotion

Screenshot 2023 03 17 151829

If you have sensitive skin, this is a great option for you. This self-tanner allows you to gradually build the tan of your dreams one layer at a time without irritating your skin. It also has a fairly good amount of coverage, which takes care of those blemishes and other skin imperfections that you may just want to tuck away for winter.

Price: $30

7. ECO Tan Rich Honey Tanning Solution

Screenshot 2023 03 17 151846

A sunless tanner that is 100% certified organic? Count us in. ECO Tan’s tanning kit has you covered (pun intended) with its easy-to-apply kit that will have you glowing from head-to-toe in no time.

One slight drawback is that it does tend to do better with medium to olive skin tones. The kit comes with a free Tan Remover Glove which can double as an exfoliating mitt for before you apply the self-tanner.

Price: $30

8. Cleantan A Tan With Benefits

Screenshot 2023 03 17 151935

Our pick from this line: the Cleantan’s Quickie Tan Kit. This self-tanner is also buildable, which means you can go as subtle or as deep as you would like. You can also use this with your favourite moisturiser.

Unlike its name, this tanner does take a while to develop. You’ll probably see the noticeable difference by hour six to eight. Sometimes it may take longer so you’ll have to go through another 6-8 hours. But the upside is that this tan lasts a while without needing to buff your skin.

Price: $50

9. Eco by Sonya Face Tan Water

Screenshot 2023 03 17 151955

You’ve heard of self-tanning mousses and the creams, but we bet you’ve never heard of Face Tan Water. Eco by Sonya is one of the firsts to release water tanners into the market. Water tanners are specifically created for people with acne prone skin who love to get their glow in throughout the year.

The idea behind the water tanners is to create a consistency that won’t clog pores or be too heavy on the skin.Lightweight and easy to handle, Face Tan Water can be applied as you would a toner. Take a cotton ball, damp it with the product, and apply on clean skin. No need to moisturise after.

Don’t forget to wash your hands after to avoid stains!

Price: Around $32

10. Tan Organic Self Tan Oil

Screenshot 2023 03 17 152011

This self-tanner applies smoothly and the tan shows up just as smoothly too. This organic self-tanner shows up in a lovely smooth colour and is quickly become one of our go-to’s. Our favourite part: it’s white-tee friendly after application. Exfoliate your skin as usual, apply with the glove, and just sit pretty until the tan starts to develop.

We also recommend the exfoliating glove for those with rough skin (even when you’re not tanning). It’s pretty much a miracle-in-a-glove!

Price: $51

3 Luxury Self-Tanners

1. Bondi Bodz Gradual Glow Bundle

Screenshot 2023 03 17 152031

If you’re looking to go all-in but still erring on the conservative side of bronze goddess, this gradual glow bundle by Bondi Bodz may be the perfect duo for you. The lightweight formula makes it an absolute breeze to apply and develops into a natural subtle bronze. The formula stacks nicely too if you’re looking to go a few shades deeper. Just add into your favourite moisturiser and customize as you go.

Price: $54.90

2. Coola Organic Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum

Screenshot 2023 03 17 152106

If you’re a self-tanning rookie with budget to spend on some luxe items, this is a great starter serum for you. The tan comes in subtly and is pretty much first-timer proof. You can build up your tan as you go over the next couple of days. You can also apply it daily to maintain your subtle bronze glow. The formula is lightweight, which feels great on the skin, and adds extra hydration with hyaluronic acid and argan oil.

Price: $54

3. Kora Organics

Screenshot 2023 03 17 152122

Once thought of as a simple passion project by model Miranda Kerr, Kora Organics has rightfully earned its place in the market with its brilliant range of organic skincare products. Our latest reason to rave: their gradual self-tanning lotion. Kora Organics has mastered the formula of a self-tanner that can pretty match any skin tone, and is the only one energized by rose quartz.

This gradual tanner also carries the brand’s signature ingredients such as sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil, and noni extract. A bonus: it is scented with lavender oil. Yum.

Price: $55

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