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How to Self-Tan Overnight The Right Way

For the busy tanners on here, we understand that taking several hours midday to do a self-tanning session is just not something that works for you. We’ve harped trying overnight tanning but never quite gave you the lowdown on how to do that. Fortunately, we have compiled some of our know-hows to waking up with the most beautiful and natural-looking. Read on and achieve that perfectly bronzed glow while you are getting some beauty sleep.

Prevent transfers with a dusting of baby powder
If you’re living in a place with a warmer climate or prefer to be warm and toasty when you sleep, a tan transfer from your skin to your fabrics will most likely take place. This is because your swear lifts the tanning product off and rubs it onto your sheets instead. To prevent this, dust a light coat of baby powder over your newly-applied self-tanner. This will prevent the product from transferring.

Keep your hands tucked away in gloves
Have you ever gone to sleep expecting a nice overnight tan only to wake up with extremely dark hands and a splotchy body tan? This is usually because your hands touch other self-tanned parts of your body the most while you sleep. Not only will this make your hands darker but it will also lift off bits from other areas of your body, leaving unsightly splotches. To keep your tan in place, try securing your hands with gloves.

Wait until your tan is dry
Don’t just jump into bed right after tan application—this is a recipe for streaky tan disaster. Allow your skin to absorb the product before tucking yourself into bed. If you are unsure whether your tan is dry enough, you may take a piece of cloth or old towel and do a transfer test. If you can, choose quality self-tanner that dries quickly too!

Choose a tanning mousse or foam
If you’ve used foaming products before, you would observe that foam is easily absorbed by your skin. Foam or mousse are great forms of self-tanners because they both dry off on your skin like magic, making your tan virtually transfer-proof. Not only will you keep your tan on, but you will also sleep through the night without the icky sticky feeling.

Our recommendation: The Bondi Bondz Mousses

Go for the gradual tan
Forming the habit of using a moisturising gradual tan will not only give you a transfer-free glow, but it will also leave your skin feeling healthy and supple. The product is practically just a normal moisturiser so transfers are less likely to happen. It’s just like your any other moisturising routin at night. Doing this daily will get you the deep tan you deserve without the anxiety of destroying your sheets.

Our recommendation: Skinsation and Afterglow Tanning Drops

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