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How to Tan Faster (and More Comfortably)

Looking to tan for a date night but you just can’t be bothered to drive to the beach, bathe in tanning oil, and bask in the sun for hours on end? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. If you’re new to the world of self-tanners, trust us when we say that there has never been a faster and more comfortable way to get that glow in—all while you’re sending out those last emails before date night.

What are self-tanners?

Self-tanners are basically a tan in a bottle. Thanks to an ingredient called DHA—a sunless tanning agent that is non-toxic and allows for a temporary bronzing color on your skin—you can tan even while you are working from home. All you have to do is apply it on your skin (properly, we add) and you’re ready to glow.

Which tanners are best for someone who needs a tan quick?

We would recommend going for tanning mousses to give you that deep tan in just a few hours tops. They are typically easy to use and super lightweight on the skin—you would even forget it’s there. Be warned, however, that not all tanning mousses are made equal. Make sure you go for a quality bottle that uses only the best ingredients to give your skin some extra TLC. Plus points if it’s vegan.

Best part is you can continue on with your normal day (or you can even do it while you’re asleep!) and let the self-tanner do its work.

We recommend: Bondi Bodz Tanning Mousses

Is it THAT easy?

There is no free lunch in this world, so you will have to put in the proper prep work to get a beautiful glow in no time.

Once you’ve picked out your self-tanner, follow our step by step guide to perfecting that leave-on bronzer:

1. Exfoliate at least 24 hours before to get the perfect tan.

Even through a busy week, try and schedule an exfoliating session around 24 hours before you apply your self-tanner. You can easily squeeze this into your bath time (trust us—this extra step is absolutely worth it). This allows a smoother base for your tan to cling to, which allows for a more even color once it develops. Make sure to set an alarm a day before your tanning day so you don’t forget!

Two to three hours before your tanning session, apply your favourite moisturiser all throughout your body, paying special attention to areas that tend to dry out (like your heels, ankles, knees, and elbows).

2. Use a tanning mitt to apply your self-tanner.

Is an applicator mitt different from an exfoliating mitt? Very. First, an applicator mitt prevents the product from sticking to your hand and turning your palms orange. Second, the applicator mitt material allows for a smooth and even application, compared to exfoliating ones which tend to be rougher. Invest in a good applicator mitt for a fuss-free sunless tanner application.

Pump the mousse onto your mitt and apply to your entire body. Don’t forget to pay attention to the little corners! Haphazardly applying a self-tanner will bite you back in the bum a few hours after so practice patience.

We recommend: Bondi Bodz Tan On Applicator Mitt

3. Rinse according to preferred hue.

Are you after a light, medium, or dark bronze tone? The amount of time you leave it on before hopping into the shower will affect the depth of the hue. If you are looking for a light tan, one hour should suffice. For a deeper tan, leave the product on for at least three hours before rinsing yourself off. Self-tanners typically develop over eight hours so keep in mind that your color will still change within that time frame.

Apply moisturiser everyday to allow your tan to stay on longer and fade out evenly. You’ll have a quick tan without needing to hit the beach and feeling all sticky—and you get to finish other tasks while you glow at it.

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