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Self-Tanning Guide For Men (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

6. Save (your) face.

Have you ever noticed that the colour of your face and your body tend to be different? While some people have a darker face tone than their body, most people tend to have a lighter one. To make your tan look natural, apply a dab of moisturiser onto your face before applying a self-tanner. This creates a barrier to soften the effect of DHA on your skin.

If you need to shave your facial hair, make sure to do it a few hours before to allow your pores to settle down. Apply some moisturiser or petroleum jelly to your eyebrows and sideburns to protect your hair.

7. Mitt you on the bronze side.

Gone are the days when different types of beauty mitts were considered a girl’s thing. Tools play a crucial role in ensuring you get a streak-free tan – and collectively, we know that the best tools do the best job. Tanning applicator mitts differ from bath ones because they prevent the product from seeping to your hands and giving you orange palms.

Make sure to use long, gentle strokes. Don’t rub! And don’t go too crazy on the product. Having another person apply the product on your back is the best option, but if you are living alone, grab any long stick you have at home (preferably one with a paddle of sorts at the end), wrap your mitt over one end, secure with a rubber band or hair tie, and you’re good to go.

Our recommendation: Tan On Applicator Mitt

8. Stay put until your tan dries.

We know a lot of men like to be on the go, but we’re afraid staying put is a must until your tan is dry to the touch. If you live an active lifestyle, set aside a time when you aren’t rushing here and there – after all, sweating can affect the results of your tan and leave you with unattractive streaks. Try to stay in a cool room as much as you can.

Choose an outfit that isn’t too tight for a few hours post-tanning. Leave the perfumes for later (think minimum eight hours) so it doesn’t get in the way of the DHA development on your skin.

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9. Don’t let the hand go unwashed.

While it’s tempting to rub your hands together, assume you’ve spread the tanner evenly and call it a day, think again. Trust us when we say that those streaks will come out in a few hours. A great tanning habit is to wash your hands after each tanning session.

Again, nothing says rookie tanner like orange hands.

10. Course correct your tan.

Splotchy tan and unsightly streaks happen to the best of us. If you’re human and you make tanning mistakes, don’t panic – there are plenty of self-tanner removers on the market.

If you’d rather go with what you can find in the kitchen, take a wet wipe that’s been dried out and soak it in lemon or lime juice. Rub gently on the affected area.

11. Get that moisturiser on your skin.

In the self-tanning world, aftercare is one of the most important things to make your glow worth it. Moisturise daily with your preferred moisturiser (just make sure that it is oil free!). Avoid taking scathing hot showers or rubbing your skin with exfoliators for at least a couple of days. When drying yourself, use patting motions and avoid rubbing your skin.

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