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How to Tan Safely

We’ve all been told (and sold) many things to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but it all still boils down to one thing: the sun will ultimately do damage to your skin. This is unfortunate because we all want that just-been-in-the-sun glow. If you’re like us who absolutely can’t be kept away from beaches and other outdoor activities, this guide is for you.

First things first, let’s talk sun damage. These are some of the compounded and immediate effects of the sun on your skin:

This one is a crowd favorite especially among kids. It’s easy to overdo on your summer glow (aka falling asleep while tanning) and be covered in blisters instead. Not only is sunburn uncomfortable and painful, but it can also cause permanent skin damage.

Premature signs of aging
Being under the sun for too long can alter the elastin and collagen levels in your skin – and these are the essential proteins in charge of maintaining the skin’s healthy and youthful appearance. Excessive exposure to UV rays can speed up the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin.

Sun spots and hyperpigmentation
While freckles may be cute, uneven skin tone is not. When you spend too much time under the sun, the skin produces excess melanin (this is the pigment in charge of giving your skin color) in order to shield itself, which results in sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

Okay, got it. So how do I tan safely under the sun?
We highly advise limiting your time under the sun but if you must, here are some of our quick tips:

1. Always always put on sun cream.
Did you know that UV rays get to your skin even when you’re indoors? Find a sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 and wait at least 15 minutes after applying before heading out the door. This ensures that a barrier has been formed on your skin to reap the maximum benefits of sun protection. If you’re planning on a swim, make sure to choose a waterproof one.

2. Bring out the hats and the umbrellas.
Some might think it’s silly to wear hats to beaches because the rest of your body gets burnt anway, but there are benefits to keeping your head in the shade. This reduces the probability of sun damage on your skin and face, and will keep you away from heat exhaustion and sun fatigue.

Watch out for those sun naps – overdoing it may make you feel dizzy or have headaches. If this happens, take shade right away until your body has cooled down.

3. Gulp down that H2O.
Cocktails by the beach are great, but make sure you have your water within reach. Staying hydrated is not just a must for when you’re under the sun, but is crucial all year round. Drinking water will help keep your body hydrated, help to cool sunburns, keep headaches away, and generally give you a nicely hydrated, glowing, and naturally healthy skin.

Want an even safer way to tan? Use a self tanner.
Not only will a quality self tanner give you the same glow you get from being under the sun for hours, but it will also keep you away from sun damage and everything else that comes with it. Not only that, a good self tanner will only use quality ingredients, which means your skin actually benefits from continued use.

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